Danny Gellersen

Downtown Seattle Branch
Practice Focus: 
Interpersonal Relationships
Cross-Cultural Issues

Within each of us live immense resiliency and the possibility for healing. Harnessing those strengths in the throes of emotional distress can be very difficult. Often we may even find ourselves seeking relief in addictions, problematic relationships, or other behaviors that do not serve us. Psychotherapy is an opportunity to understand in revealing ways the cause of your unique suffering so that together, you and I can create more effective solutions for lasting change.

My therapeutic approach focuses on providing a caring and attentive experience that emphasizes a safe place to discover your most useful, healing self. In our work together you will have the freedom to explore those areas in which you feel most blocked, including the feeling of “not knowing where to start.” I will remain curious about cultural and spiritual backgrounds, familial relationships, sexual identity, and work situation, as well as other elements that influence your life’s landscape. As our work progresses and insights emerge we will develop approaches that highlight your strengths and support what you want to achieve.

With nearly 10 years of experience in mental health settings, I have worked extensively with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Questioning persons as well as Asian/Pacific Islander populations. I enjoy working with a wide variety of challenges affecting individual adults and adolescents.