For Mothers - Classes & Workshops

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Listening Mothers

Bring your baby to this eight-week group and nurture one of the most important relationships you will ever have.

You will:

  • Tune into and respond to your baby's needs to foster positive emotional development.
  • Make a healthy transition to motherhood and develop your identity as a mother.
  • Reflect on who you want to be as a parent.
  • Look into how you were parented and how it impacts your parenting.
  • Learn how bonding happens between mom and baby.
  • Learn by sharing with other new mothers and gain social support.

What to Expect

You will meet for 11/2 hours for 8 weeks with a small group (7 maximum) of new moms. Your group leader will lead you through check-ins, information and discussion. Our group leaders are Master's level therapists who have had extensive training in early child development.

Reflective Parenting

Does your 2-year-old make you feel like throwing a tantrum? Do you feel lost now that your baby is a toddler and is starting to assert himself in surprising ways? You are not alone.

This workshop will help you understand your child better and respond to his behavior in appropriate and sensitive ways.

You will develop:

  • New ways to communicate with your child
  • A greater understanding of your child's emotions and how to help him/her cope.
  • Effective ways to respond to your child's behavior
  • Awareness of how you impact your child's development
  • More confidence as a parent
  • A healthy attachment with your child and help you to foster emotional intelligence.

Research and parent feedback have demonstrated that this class is an effective way to help parents build stronger and more positive relationships with their children.

What to Expect

Once you are registered you will meet for an hour interview with one of your workshop facilitators. This interview will help your facilitator get to know you and get a sense of your relationship with your child, to be better prepared to respond to your unique needs.

You will then meet for 2 hours for 8 consecutive weeks with a small group of parents (10 maximum. and 2 facilitators who will lead you through reflections and exercises.