For Fathers - Classes & Workshops

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Father's First Steps

You always imagined yourself as the perfect father for your child. Now that the baby is actually here you're somewhat baffled about what you can do, and want to make sure you're doing it right.

You're not alone! Join us for a group of new dads and their babies to discover your unique relationship with your child and the importance of this father-to-baby bonding. Feel confident in your ability to nurture your baby and discover and learn techniques to foster this attachment.

Father's First Steps helps fathers learn:

  • What a baby needs to thrive
  • Why attachment is vital for babies
  • How to be confident in your parenting style
  • The importance of your role as a new father
  • Ways to maintain a strong relationship with your partner

What to Expect

Each of our groups is facilitated by an expert in early emotional development, father-infant relationships, and attachment issues. Father's First Steps is a six-week group for fathers and their babies up to 8-months old.

Reflective Parenting

Does your 2-year-old make you feel like throwing a tantrum? Do you feel lost now that your baby is a toddler and is starting to assert himself in surprising ways? You are not alone.

This workshop will help you understand your child better and respond to his behavior in appropriate and sensitive ways.

You will develop:

  • New ways to communicate with your child
  • A greater understanding of your child's emotions and how to help him/her cope.
  • Effective ways to respond to your child's behavior
  • Awareness of how you impact your child's development
  • More confidence as a parent
  • A healthy attachment with your child and help you to foster emotional intelligence.

Research and parent feedback have demonstrated that this class is an effective way to help parents build stronger and more positive relationships with their children.

What to Expect

Once you are registered you will meet for an hour interview with one of your workshop facilitators. This interview will help your facilitator get to know you and get a sense of your relationship with your child, to be better prepared to respond to your unique needs.

You will then meet for 2 hours for 8 consecutive weeks with a small group of parents (10 maximum. and 2 facilitators who will lead you through reflections and exercises.