DV Dads

Children are profoundly affected by violence in their home. When a father decides to stop hurting his partner he often begins to see how his children have suffered. This group is designed for men who have completed the weekly portion of the state-certified domestic violence program and want to create a healthy childhood for their children.

What to expect

We meet twice-monthly for five months in Seattle in a small-group setting. Topics include child development, parenting techniques, how to talk with children about abuse, maintaining a respectful parenting relationship with your child's mother, and communication skills as they relate to violence in the child's home.

Our program provides a safe place for you to make the changes you want in your life.


A referral from your primary domestic violence program is required, with verification that you have successfully completed the program's requirements and the WAC 388-60 requirements for the weekly phase. You must give consent for us to exchange information with the domestic violence program.


Each of our clinicians has worked from 12 – 14 years in the DV Program at Wellspring, helping clients increase their skills and knowledge to become the best intimate partner and parent they can be.

Mark Adams received his Master of Arts in Psychology from Seattle University.  He is a licensed mental health counselor and children’s mental health specialist.  Mark has extensive experience working with abusers, survivors, and children impacted by domestic violence.  He has represented the agency in various community groups, and has been active in providing training both locally and nationally to judges, law enforcement, advocates, child welfare, and other therapists.