Domestic Violence Intervention

At the heart of our services is the idea that everyone in a family deserves to be safe and respected. Our domestic violence programs stop violence at home and help people have healthier relationships. Domestic violence is not a result of stress or unhappiness. It is a learned behavior of control that can be changed with our support.

We understand that it's difficult to make changes alone. Our group programs help people discover the relationship skills they already have and learn new ways of thinking about how to be a partner and parent.

Is one of these programs right for you?

As a state-certified program, we are the right answer for those required by the courts to complete a domestic violence course. Our programs are also ideal for someone looking to voluntarily change their behavior and improve their relationships. We offer weekly groups in Seattle and Bellevue at a variety of times to best fit your schedule.  Program fees are determined on a sliding scale.

Ask yourself these questions

  1. Are you concerned that you are harming or frightening your family?
  2. Have you resorted to making threats to get your way?
  3. Have you hit, punched, slapped, pushed, grabbed, or restrained your partner or children?
  4. Do you blame your partner or children for your actions?
  5. Do you prevent or discourage your partner from spending time with friends or family, or going to work or school?
  6. Do you make all the big decisions about money?
  7. Have you pressured your partner to have sex when she really didn't want to?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? If so, we can help you have more positive relationships.

What to expect

We welcome people from all backgrounds and experiences to be a part of our groups. Our respectful environment, highly-trained and caring staff, and state-of-the-art resources make this one of the most effective programs in the area.